You need to download all the new v75 and client updates for the server.

We are now v75 so enjoy.


MooNMS Rates [10,000x / 2,000x / 2x ] Friendly GM's Perfect for people that want to just relax and level fast.
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 [Gm App] DieForMe (ign) :]

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PostSubject: [Gm App] DieForMe (ign) :]   Thu Jul 16, 2009 8:01 pm

[Who you are]
My name is Kevin im 16 and live in So Cal

[What your capable of doing]
Im capable of doing alot of things for example in the other servers ive played in i was an event gm and a helper

[How long have you been working with Private Servers]
Long time over a year i think

[Why you want to be a Game Master]
Well im more used to being a GM and im very experienced with it.

[Extra Information]
i would show u some pictures if i had some but i dont really have any cuz i erased them all by accident :/

[What will you do if you find a hacker? Use details.]
Well i would take a picture first just in case he/she says that he didnt do anything or something like that and then ban or temp ban him while giving him reasons why hes banned/temp banned.

[What will you do if people beg you for an event? Use details.]
Well i wont get all pissed off or anything ill just like get a vote of who wants to do an event but if there was an event lets say like 20 minutes ago or something around that range i would say to wait a little while and then ill start an event.

[What will you do if two or more people have an issue at the same time? Use details.]
Well what i usually did is that i jail them both an leave them alone to fgure it out on their own and ill sneak in being invisible to see if they are make up or not and if their not its where i come in and talk to them.

[What are you suppose to do before banning someone?]
Like on the hacking questioned i would give them reasons why they are banned and also take a picture and either temp ban or perm ban them
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[Gm App] DieForMe (ign) :]
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