You need to download all the new v75 and client updates for the server.

We are now v75 so enjoy.


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 iBaka's GM Application

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PostSubject: iBaka's GM Application   Mon Nov 23, 2009 9:19 pm

[Who you are]
My name is William and I am 11.Please call me Will. Also, don't underestimate me for my age. I am Cambodian but I live in Dallas,Texas. My IGN is iBaka now since the server is restarted. It used to be HalfAngel.

[What your capable of doing]
I am able to somewhat edit wz from when I was like 8. I forgot though but I have some still have some good edits like a pikachu pet and the screen skin at the bottom.. Though I can't change some stuff like the name of the server I used to play on so then the screens on the log in server still say the server I used to play on. Hmm I know all the commands. Even though I need some teaching, I have a little notebook of all the maps,items,monsters ect. I also have plenty of time to get on since I'm only in middle school. Not much homework so like 4-8 hours because it depends on when my mom gets home and if it is a weekend.. I probably know how to host an event and I've won events on this server before and I would know what to do. I've been "used" as a tool for GM's tests and I give them maps and monster ID's to help them. (That sounds weird though)

[How long have you been working with Private Servers]
I've been playing private servers since I was about 7 or 8 years old. (4 years or so)

[Why you want to be a Game Master]
I can help people and I enjoy the server a lot ever since it was on. I'm glad it made a comeback. I would be able to experience it again as I have 1 year ago on another server. Well, some people need A LOT of help so I would like to help them. It's very fun being a GM and also stressful sometimes. I don't get stress from school because it's just middle school so I would be able to handle that.

[Extra Information]
I have been playing on Maplestory GMS for about 3 years but never played it again. (level 42 I/L Mage) I can be contacted at and I would be on most of the time.

[What will you do if you find a hacker? Use details.]
I would go into hide mode and then warp to the hacker. First, I would take a screenshot of them hacking and post it into Hacker topic. I wouldn't ban them but I would just give them a warning and tell them if they do it again, that would result to a ban. If they are using a hack that is like ex; vacuum, a hack that would make monsters unable to hit them, I would give a warning. If it was a 1-hit or damage hack like ex;21473235432, I would count it as a ban. Then I would check back on them a second time also in hide mode to make sure they are not hacking. If they were, I would come out of hide and ban them for ignoring the warning and continuing to hack.

[What will you do if people beg you for an event? Use details.]
I would tell them that if you beg, there would be a less chance of getting an event on that day. I might host it but not if they beg a lot.

[What will you do if two or more people have an issue at the same time? Use details.]
I would ask the one who came to me first and ask the other one to wait. Or, in another situation where they both ask at the same time, I would just pick one and as above, tell them to wait. I would listen to one of them and then the other and resolve the one that is the worst case.

[What are you suppose to do before banning someone?]
I would suppose you are supposed to warn them, or just tell them it is wrong and maybe D/C them.

Umm I wonder if any other server has a child GM lol...Your first child GM?XD
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PostSubject: Re: iBaka's GM Application   Wed Nov 25, 2009 12:19 pm

Nice app:)
now to work on mine
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iBaka's GM Application
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