You need to download all the new v75 and client updates for the server.

We are now v75 so enjoy.


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 Tablo's GM Application

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PostSubject: Tablo's GM Application   Wed Nov 25, 2009 1:11 pm

[Who you are]
My name is Louis, IGN Tablo; My old IGN was Tablo... or Mithra. I played MoonMS before the downtime during summer. I was an active player and achieved more than some in MoonMS. I'm from the Philippines, but live in Northern California. I'm 14 and I'm a freshman. I would say I am pretty smart; I am logical and mature.

[What you're capable of doing]
Although I have been playing GMS and private servers for a while, I have never been a GM and have been used to being on the player side of the game. I am good with people, and I know what they want. I do not have much coding knowledge, or command knowledge, but I am eager to learn and catch on fast. I am also good with art (ie. banners, art, etc.) ... if that helps.

[How long have you been working with Private Servers]
I played GMS in 05, but I was 9 and was not very experienced until a year of play. I started playing private servers in 07 up until today, occasionally going back to GMS to find out what was new (like Pirates and Cygnus Knights). I have always been a player, not really wanting the responsibility of being a GM. Even though I know it does have its perks.

[Why you want to be a Game Master]
I want to be a GM because, I am pretty sure I have played MapleStory for a long time. I want to get more involved and have more responsibility. I have always wanted to host events, help players solve problems, etc.

[Extra Information]
My email is and I use and check it often. Email if you need me.
[What will you do if you find a hacker? Use details.]
I will find out whether or not they have been hacking with hiding, stalking, and taking screenshots for proof. If they have, ban them with usually a warning.

[What will you do if people beg you for an event? Use details.]
I really dislike begging, but I also do not want players to be bored or angry. I will discuss it with another GM or two or responsible player(s). I will decide from judgement, if I will hold an event for the players.

[What will you do if two or more people have an issue at the same time? Use details.]
I'm good with multitasking, and it should not be a problem for me. I will try to help out the player with the more severe problem, still trying to help the other person. If the issue is bad enough, I'll postpone my help with other players.

[What are you suppose to do before banning someone]
Find out if they had been hacking. Take screens, and then ban.

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Tablo's GM Application
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