You need to download all the new v75 and client updates for the server.

We are now v75 so enjoy.


MooNMS Rates [10,000x / 2,000x / 2x ] Friendly GM's Perfect for people that want to just relax and level fast.
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 [GM APP] Legacy (new 1)

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PostSubject: [GM APP] Legacy (new 1)   Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:56 pm

Name: Yosef

Ign: Legacy

Contact: just e-mail me at

Timezone: gmt -5 hours

Location: Garland, Texas

Position: [GM or Coder] GM lv.3

Summary about yourself: I’m 15 years old I love music, playing maple, going to the mall, hanging out with friends, and skateboarding. I also know almost everything about maplestory, I’m nice and pretty active, ummmm i love pie , my favorite color is black,

Why do you want to be a [GM/CODER] I want to be a Lv.3 Gm because in the past I have experienced being a gm in 2 private servers and I enjoyed it so now I am applying to be 1 here

What would you if 2 maplers were fighting? umm if 2 people were fighting i would first tell them to chill out and if they keep fighting ill give them a warning and try to solve there conflict but if it gets out of hands i will jail them for 20 minutes and see if that would make them chill if they still fight, time to BAN

Experience in your position: I have been gm in 2 private servers, Gunstory and Alertstory

How long you have been playing Ms in your region: i have been playing for 4 years

Who supports you? Well if you look at my old app on the forums furret backs me up XD

Additional information: my favorite color is blue and black
im 6 foot 1 , i love the band Skillet, annnnd i love pie,
i can get on most on Saturday mornings and Thursday all day when I come back from school
But I can also get on every other day for about an hour or so but I am most active Thursdays o.o
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PostSubject: Re: [GM APP] Legacy (new 1)   Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:06 pm

OK this is damn weird... Almost everyone on this server is from Texas. Btw why not post the format? Shocked
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[GM APP] Legacy (new 1)
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