You need to download all the new v75 and client updates for the server.

We are now v75 so enjoy.


MooNMS Rates [10,000x / 2,000x / 2x ] Friendly GM's Perfect for people that want to just relax and level fast.
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 \~LunarPistol's GM app~/

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PostSubject: ~LunarPistol's GM app~/   Thu Jun 04, 2009 9:43 pm

Age: 15

Ign: LunarPistol

Experience: I have had a couple of different experiences being a gm, but for lousy no name servers that shut down almost a week after I became a GM so I haven't had any real "experience" but I know I am the helpful type and I feel I can be a good addition to the team but even if I don't get chosen now I would still play the server and try again later. I also think that I could enhance the experience of an average player on this server to near superemotion (yes I did make up that word)

Availability: Well I'm on summer break right now and can be on almost anytime that isn't Mon Tue Thur from 6-9 because I have marching band to do AVON MARCHING BLACK AND GOLD WOOT~

GM Familiarity: Well, I have a complete list of ALL Gm codes in the form of a Rar file so there's no problem in this category.

Time Zone GMT-5

Location:Avon, Indiana

Coding Exp: I can probably learn everything there is to know about packing c++ java and other things that make up MooNMS if someone is willing ot teach me~

Misc.: I also like to hold non-lagging event such as hide and seek or scavenger hunt, you know something to make the players happier and more likely to stay on for a long time but also something that doesn't make MooNMs really laggy and not fun to be on ^_^

MS exp.: I play GMS through its 3rd anniversary and I had a fun time playing it, but after my friend quit, I got MEGA bored of regular MS so I went looking for new private servers I played some servers that had really high rates but I hated all of the Lag, and I'm hoping that this server doesn't encounter any lag, and so far it hasn't

[This line of the gm app is to tell you that everything in this app is 100% truth and I'm looking forward to becoming a staff member if everyone accepts meh~]

So please look over this and if you like it please think it over and if you don't like it that's fine I'll keep making new gm apps and keep playing MooNMS~ I would also appreciate any comments be they good or bad~ THX BYE!!!
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\~LunarPistol's GM app~/
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