You need to download all the new v75 and client updates for the server.

We are now v75 so enjoy.


MooNMS Rates [10,000x / 2,000x / 2x ] Friendly GM's Perfect for people that want to just relax and level fast.
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 Froggers [GM] Application!

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PostSubject: Froggers [GM] Application!   Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:09 pm

Daniel McCarley

Contact E-mail/MSN Messenger:

Time Zone:
EST (eastern time) Canada

Why you want to be a GM?:
I want to be a GM not for the fancy commands or glory of the title, but so that I can help people. I love to help people, and it simply makes me happy to know that I've made their gaming experiance more positive by helping them out whether it be by answering a question or giving them something to help them get started. The thing is that If I was a GM I would be able to accomplish this way easier.

How are you going to benefit us?:
I was a long time player of GMS and have played several private servers devotedly for a few years. I have alot of experiance not only as a maplestory player, but I was a GM in a former server and a PlayerHelper in another (its like GM but less commands).
I would like nothing more then to help the server grow, and help to shape it into a positive enviorment. I would help anyone who asks selflessly. I also have many friends who I could promote to play this server. I am not fluent in C++ coding or website development but I am a quick learner. Something I am fluent in though is people skills. I am a peer mediator at my school which basically requires me to maturely and in an non biasesd manner solve arguments. I can also bring a positive and fun attitude. I love to goof around and make friends. However I have my prioritys strait and would never ignore someone to socialize.

What makes you better than the others?:
I feel while many people are funny or charming, quite a few GM's that I have met in past private servers lack people skills. They mgiht help you, but they do not do so with a positive attitude or care. Like I mentioned before I enjoy helping people and making their gaming experiance a good one Smile. I also have experiance from past servers being a GM, hosting events, and quickly becoming a well known player in a community.

Any additional information you want to tell us?:
I am the guy that everyone comes to. Not just in games ( I have a life outside of gaming Razz). Amongst my friends I'm the fun guy, but Im also the guy who can give good advice. I will listen and I will try my hardest to help. I think that I am a good and loyal friend, but im also out going and I reach out to thsoe that most people don't. I don't judge people and many of my friends are considered by my other friends to be "loosers" but I beg to differ and I defend them because everyone deserves to be happy. If you need help you can allways come to me and I will help you, or find someone who can should I fail Razz.
I love everything nerdy, yet Im not a nerd Razz.
I love video games, fantasy and im on my computer as much as I can possibly be.
But I'm a very social guy, and I love to play rugby Very Happy!
I go to a very diverse school so im really accepting of all cultures and people.

Please vote Frogger for GM of MooNMS and I promise that you will not be sorry! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Froggers [GM] Application!
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